PandoraThe planet Pandora in the movie “Avatar” is renowned for its natural beauty, which is why this site is called Great Pandora – wordplay on The Great Outdoors.

We love the outdoors and want to encourage other people to experience and enjoy it as well, hence the site. We look at various ways to enjoy nature, something to suit everybody.

Go Take A Hike – And Get Medicine From Mother Nature

hikingThese days everybody is busy and stressed out. We’ve got too much to do and too little time to get it done. The next time an afternoon opens up on your schedule, make an appointment to go hiking. Getting in touch with Mother Nature can be more medicinal than you realize.

Stress Relief

Unfortunately, most of us have too much stress in our lives. That can actually be a very dangerous thing to your body and mind. The simple act of getting away from work, town and noise can do you a world of good all by itself. Add the pleasures of plotting a course through solitary woods and the sheer joy of having a few minutes or more to call your own and you’ve got an instant recipe for much needed stress relief.

Easing Tension With Exercise

Our bodies get tired of being cramped up in economy cars and stuffed behind a desk. Unravel with a peaceful yet challenging walk through the woods. Walking is one of the most beneficial activities, without being high-impact to potentially make you sore. Tie on a good pair of shoes and choose a path that is suitable for your current level of physical fitness. Don’t over do it, just harmonize your personal abilities with the inclines and obstacles and enjoy letting go of tension.

Art Therapy

There’s a reason Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is such a beloved painting. He, along with many other artists, capture nature in such a perfect sense that we can’t take our eyes off their works. Why not see the inspirations for yourself in person? See the stars at dusk on a mountain top or watch the way light dances off the lake in a canyon. Hiking can take you to the same places as the famous paintings and really soothe your soul at the same time.

Hiking does a lot more than work your calf muscles for a few hours: it can really clear your head and put you back in control. When life starts getting away from you with all the stress and responsibilities you’re forced to handle, take a break and take a hike. The benefits are extraordinary and can easily carry you through the next few months of chaos, tension and working late, or whatever else life throws your way.

Here is a good resource on hiking

What Being A Responsible Hunter Means Or Should Mean To You

huntingWhen it comes to hunting, you don’t just randomly shoot at a target and hope to God your target dies a quick death. If you’re going to become a hunter, you need to be a responsible one. But what does being a responsible hunter means?

It means a lot of things, but perhaps the one that holds the deepest meaning is to go back to the basics. In the past, people didn’t just hunt for the sake of hunting. They hunted because they had to feed themselves. They didn’t hunt just because it was fun. That said, if you successfully shot a target, make sure you eat it. Otherwise your killing would just be wanton.

Being a responsible hunter also means you not breaking hunting laws in your own state, no matter how tempting it is to break them. The law is there for a reason and it must be followed to the letter.

When it comes to the actual hunting, it’s either you kill the animal then and there, or you let it escape. In other words, you should be 100% sure about the outcome before you even pull the trigger. Wounding an animal is worse than killing it.

Safety is also another hallmark of responsible hunting. Safety means you knowing how to safely handle guns and store it safely in a reliable gun safe.

Last but not the least, being a responsible hunter means actively participating in environmental conservation efforts, from supporting local projects to lobbying with legislators about the preservation of habitats.

As you can see from above, being a responsible hunter doesn’t just involve shoot and play. You need to have a profound respect for the animals and their environment. We think this is what separates responsible hunters from wild-eyed hunters for kill just for the fun of it.

Crossbow Hunting For A Different Challenge

Since the crossbow became approved as a hunting weapon a few years back, there’s been a big surge of crossbow makers who want to cash in on the curiosity and thrill of hunting deer and animals with a crossbow

Out in the market you will see many brands of affordable crossbows vying for your attention. Some of the most well-known brands are Barnett, Crosman, Darton, Excalibur, Horton, and TenPoint, among others. The price points for these crossbows range anywhere from $250 to $800.

You might think that buying a crossbow is a daunting task especially for newbies, however, there are ways to find out if a crossbow is right for you. Read reviews on crossbows and watch Youtube videos on specific brands and models of crossbows.

There are really just three factors that should go into your buying decision: ease of use, power and range.

The easiest part about using a crossbow is shooting a target. What is difficult is loading the arrows to the bridge. There are crossbows that require manly strength in order for the string to be pulled back.

Power is also another consideration. Responsible hunting requires 100% certainty of an outcome. When you shoot, you need to make sure that the animal dies instantly and does not suffer from injuries because of a lousy shot. Aim to buy crossbows that have a lot of shooting power, you know, the ones that can shoot through a metal backdoor.

Part of the excitement of hunting is being able to shoot a moving target at a distance. Like power, when it comes to distance, not all crossbows are created alike, and there models that are best for shooting at close-range and there are those that are perfect for shooting at a distance.

Appreciate Nature While Camping

campingMost people love being in a natural setting and enjoy the peace and quiet that a camping get-a-way provides. However, it is important to be well prepared for your camping trip if you want to have some measure of physical comfort. You can find a comprehensive guide on camping here.

There is no joy in waking up feeling stiff and tired after a night of trying to sleep on the ground without enough cushioning underneath. While children seem not to notice the discomfort very much, adults have a harder time of it. If you want to make camping your favorite week-end or vacation activity, it is wise to gather some high quality gear so you can just enjoy the experience.   Although some people prefer to sleep in the open without a tent, there are considerable benefits in protecting yourself from the night time dew or a possible rain shower. A simple pup tent will do for one or two people, but a family group may prefer a larger shelter.

A good sleeping bag is next on the list of necessary items, and it pays to pay a little more to get good quality. Include a high density foam pad in your bedding to place under your sleeping bag. Nights are sometimes a little chilly and sleeping on the cold ground offers little comfort.

Camping is a better experience with a good supply of food. If the campground allows a fire, this is a great way to cook food, roast some marshmallows and provide a little extra warmth at night. Make sure to extinguish the fire completely before you leave the site to prevent accidental fires. A camp stove is an alternate way to do a little cooking, and you can quickly perk a pot of coffee in the morning without needing to get your fire started.